Baboons on bridge brilliantly evade lions stalking them (video)

In Mala Mala, located in South African's Mpumalanga province, humans (and sometimes animals) cross the Sand River over the West Street Bridge. Apparently, baboons enjoy hanging out on the bridge. One day though, a troop of lions wandered on the bridge. This did not bode well for the baboons. Fortunately, the baboons behaved brilliantly. Mala Mala guide Mike Botes explains at LatestSightings:

[The baboons] let out screeches and alarm calls, alerting every mammal and bird in the vicinity. The baboons scrambled, and it was havoc. Unfortunately, surrounded and unable to outrun the lions, the baboons had to think on their feet to survive."

"To our amazement, the baboons dashed under the bridge! Yes, under the bridge. Hanging onto the metal bars under the bridge, they knew they were safe. The baboons, feeling confident now that they were out of reach, began taunting the lions. They were literally under the lion's noses, and the lions could not do a thing."

image: Eric Gevaert/Shutterstock