Well, the Kraven The Hunter trailer is here

Sony's relationship with Spider-Man is pretty confusing. Not the company's legal relationship with the Webhead, mind you, but rather the creative decisions behind Sony's never-ending conveyor belt of Spider-Man films. 

Whereas the official Marvel cinematic universe under the Disney umbrella opts to create franchises around characters that have a lengthy back catalog of solo comics to draw from, Sony instead attempts to create franchises out of Spider-Man villains that scarcely have a character arc outside of their association with Spider-Man. "Hey, I wonder what the Beetle and Boomerang are up to when Spider-Man isn't around," said no one ever… besides Nick Spencer, of course. 

However, despite how ill-advised a decision it is to make a host of films about Spider-Man's foes, which will inevitably make them too likable to remain antagonists and effectively rob Spidey of his rogues' gallery, Sony is committed to their choice. In the video linked above, you can check out the trailer for the new Kraven the Hunter film.