Print anywhere on the go with this portable wireless printer, now only $179.99

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TL;DR: You can print anything on the go with NEWYES Portable Wireless Thermal A4 Printer, a small device that fits in most bags and needs no ink — just a Bluetooth connection — to deliver your documents. While it typically retails for $179.99, it's on sale now for only $179.99.

If you don't own a personal printer, it's understandable. They're bulky and expensive, right? But not having one causes its own problems, as there are important documents, workplace sheets, shipping labels, and more that need to be shown as a hard copy. Luckily, there's an easy solution: Get a small, wireless printer.

The NEWYES Portable Wireless Thermal A4 Printer is so small, it'll fit in most bags so you can print on the go. And while it typically costs $199, it's now on sale for just $179.99. You won't find a better price on the web. No coupons needed! Just toss it in your backpack or briefcase and bring your new wireless printer wherever you go.

And while we love the fact that it doesn't take up much space and can go from home to the office (it fits in your hand and is only two times the weight of an iPhone, if you need a visual), it's not the only perk the NEWYES Portable Wireless Thermal A4 Printer has over the competition.

You don't need to buy ink cartridges with this printer: It uses thermal paper to ready your documents for you. Don't worry about connecting it to a computer or other device, either. It operates on a Bluetooth connection, so you don't have to worry about any wires, and it's compatible with phones, iPads, Android tablets, and more.

Most importantly, it still delivers a high-quality, high-resolution print. (Just keep in mind, it can only print in black.)

Printing documents and other necessary papers have never been easier. Get the NEWYES Portable Wireless Thermal A4 Printer for the best pricing on the web — just $179.99 — now. 

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