Donald Trump releases idiotic video justifying why he must "punch down" and put people "in their place" (video)

It's common knowledge that Donald Trump is a bully and a thug, but in case anyone missed the memo, the disgraceful Republican frontrunner tries to justify his combative behavior in an absurd explainer video. (See clip below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)

"Many say, 'Don't punch down when talking about people like Chris Sununu or Sloppy Chris Christie or 'Ada' Hutchinson — I call him 'Ada,' not 'Asa,' because, for certain reasons…" he began. "But sometimes it's necessary to talk badly about those that, for no reason, other than politics, speak badly about you. Otherwise the people that love you don't know whether or not they're for real. Are they saying the truth? They're not."

He then reached for his cracked dog whistle. "So sometimes you have to punch down, and sometimes you have to say what's happening … You have to put them in proper perspective, these bad people … You have to put them in their place. People like this are very destructive."

It's amazing that this is the face of the Republican party. His moronic message might please the MAGA mob, but to everyone else it's as if he's talking about how to handle a criminal tyrants such as himself.

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