Elon Musk challenges Mark Zuckerberg to cage fight, and Zuckerberg accepts

Two billionaire egos are snarled up on social media: those of Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, and Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook. Musk challenged Zuck to a cage fight and Zuck accepted: "Send me location."

I've confirmed that Zuckerberg's post on his Instagram account is, in fact, not a joke, which means the ball is now in Musk's court. "The story speaks for itself," Meta spokesperson Iska Saric told me.

After this story was published, Musk responded with two words: "Vegas Octagon." He then tweeted: "I have this great move that I call 'The Walrus,' where I just lie on top of my opponent and do nothing."

The whole thing is ridiculous rich-man hype but what I like about it is the idea of Elon Musk, a 50-something man in a "divorce classic" compression tee, getting completely processed by the angry judobot that Zuckerberg has become. Sadly, this is all kayfabe.