Nikki Haley asks to join Hitler-quoting group: "If @Moms4Liberty is a 'hate group,' add me to the list."

Presidential candidate Nikki Haley said she wants to be part of the anti-liberty group "Moms for Liberty." Earlier this month, she tweeted, "If @Moms4Liberty is a "hate group," add me to the list."

OK, Nikki, You're on the list.

Earlier this morning, I wrote about how the Hamilton, Indiana chapter of the anti-LGBTQ+ group quoted Hitler in the first issue of its newsletter.

The Hitler quote, "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future," is popular among Americans who hate freedom and the Constitution, such as those who participated in the attempted fascist takeover of the United States on January 6th. Here's the Trump-endorsed Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL), who cited the same Hitler quote in front of the Capitol on day before the riot:

Trumps and DeSantis will both speak at a Moms for Liberty summit at the end of the month.