Nintendo Direct brings good news for Mario fans

Nintendo fans are used to the company's Direct showcases dropping bombshells, but today's brought more surprise announcements than most, especially for die-hard Mario enthusiasts. Although the entire video can be watched here if you have 44 minutes to spare, its most notable reveal – in my humble opinion – was the first 2D side-scrolling Mario game in years, which looks to shake up the (flat) playing field with all number of new mechanics and twists.

For the over-30 demographic, a remake of beloved Mario RPG rather unimaginatively titled Super Mario RPG was also revealed…

And, last but not least, a brand new WarioWare game taking full advantage of the Switch's motion control! It's refreshing to see quirks of the system exploited like this, and is something that's been missing from the Switch's catalog save for a few notable exceptions.

With a crop of upcoming games like this, it seems the inevitable Switch 2 on the horizon will have to stay there for at least a little longer.