A Titan sub documentary has already aired and viewers had 'uneasy reactions': 'Too soon'

UK broadcaster Channel 5 showed Titanic Sub: Lost At Sea on the very same day that all five Titan submersible passengers were announced dead. The documentary, created by ITN, a UK production company known for fast-turnaround films responsive to current events, aired Thursday evening and was presented by 5 News host Dan Walker.

As it began airing, rescue efforts were still going and discussion centered on the Titan running out of oxygen. Shortly before the program started, debris from the submersible was reported near the Titanic shipwreck site, and during the broadcast, OceanGate Expeditions confirmed the tragic death of all five passengers.

The Independent reports that the film "has drawn uneasy reactions from viewers."

Viewers shared their thoughts about the programme on social media, with many suggesting that it was "too soon" to air.

"I feel a bit grim watching this channel 5 'documentary' which is really just a live special," one person wrote. "Especially after today's news about the debris. Just a bit too soon for this."

"Channel 5 broadcasting this Titanic programme is ghoulish," another person wrote.

"I can't believe Channel 5 are still going ahead with that live Titanic Submarine programme," someone else commented. "Vile, tasteless and utterly appalling of them."