Florida man who fled cops at high speed won't get out of car: "I'm butt naked"

After a Florida man's escapade of reckless driving, crashing into cars, fleeing from said crashes and police at a high speed, driving across a school running track, and finally getting his car stuck in a forested area near a landfill, police asked the gentleman to step out of his vehicle. But he said he couldn't. And his reason was a legitimate one: "I am butt naked."

But the angry cops saw no humor in the matter, forcing the driver — who was only wearing socks — out of the car, along with his clothed passenger, who also resisted but without the good excuse. Fortunately, there was a bright floral scarf lying around to save the moment — or at least his midsection.

From Daytona Beach News Journal:

[Stephen] Peterson was charged with fleeing and eluding, leaving the scene of a crash with damage to vehicle or property, resisting an officer without violence, trespassing on school grounds, possession of marijuana under 20 grams, and possession of drug paraphernalia/equipment.

He was being held Thursday at the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility on $19,500 bail.

Peterson and Averill were given multiple orders to get out of the vehicle but they refused. …

"I am butt naked," Peterson tells a deputy who told him to get out of the car.

"I don't care. Get out of the car now," the deputy responded.

"Just when you think you've seen and heard everything – a naked driver causes multiple hit-and-run crashes, flees from law enforcement, resists arrest, and then has to be dragged out naked from his car to be arrested," said Sheriff Rick Staly.

Just another day in the Sunshine State.