Georgia cops under fire after posting pic of them shooting target depicting black man

"Villa Rica police in Georgia posted themselves shooting at targets depicting a black man, leading to an investigation into the circumstances. The targets are part of a set that include an ethnically-diverse selection of targets, but for some reason only one of them made its way online. "An innocent mistake, but a mistake," police chief Michael Mansour told reporters, adding that "at no time will I accept people telling me I'm a racist, or our department is a racist because we made a mistake."

The Villa Rica Police Department responded to the backlash in a Facebook post on Wednesday, stating, "It was never our intention to be insensitive, inflammatory or offensive to anyone." The department also said it respects the "honest opinions of our fellow citizens" and apologized for "any offense we may have caused."

A good example of "it isn't racist unless there is explicit discriminatory intent," a common refrain from authorities sliding around on their asses all day not thinking about what they're doing.