Hatching a fish from a can of supermarket caviar

London-based content creator Max Fosh embarked on an unusual months-long journey in the name of science and curiosity. Inspired by his previous culinary experiments, Fosh endeavored to turn commercially sold caviar into a living, breathing fish. Fosh first bought a can of caviar from the supermarket and then embarked on a mission to fertilize the eggs. This venture involved the arduous task of finding fish sperm and carrying out an experimental cross-species fertilization.

Amazingly, against all odds, Fosh's experiment worked, Some of the fish eggs turned into tiny, newly-hatched fish. One among the lot, endearingly named Max Fish, thrived under Fosh's attentive care, growing at an impressive pace.

Fosh fed Max Fish plankton, soon realizing he had outgrown his humble Tupperware abode and upgraded him to a more spacious habitat. The climax of this fishy tale was a heartwarming send-off as Fosh released Max Fish into a friend's pond. (Nag on the Lake)