Republican pundit muses whether Jews secretly destroyed OceanGate sub to keep people from finding out Jews sunk the Titanic

GOP pundit Stew Peters, who often hosts prominent Republicans like Rep. Paul Gosar on his program, has a theory that would make fellow Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene proud. Peters says that the OceanGate submarine may have been destroyed on purpose "to keep people from visiting the Titanic wreckage."

And why would someone destroy it? Because they don't want people to find out that the Rothschilds, a Jewish banking family, sunk the Titanic.

And why would the Rothschilds have wanted to sink the Titanic? To kill all the rich WASP people on board who didn't like that the Rothschilds created the Federal Reserve Bank.

Apparently, if folks are able to go down and look at the Titanic through a tiny porthole, they'll find out it was the Rothschilds who did it. I'm not sure what that evidence is, but you can bet if Peters went down there and took a gander, he'd find it.

"The Titanic 'iceberg' crash was as fake as the moon landing, and so is this 'submarine' story," said Peters on his verified Twitter account.

[via Media Matters]