Marjorie Taylor Greene owes Jesus Christ an apology after comparing the Lord to a crook (video)

Oh, Jesus Christ. Someone owes you an apology. As in Marjorie Taylor Greene, who just compared the Lord to an adjudicated rapist and convicted felon.

"The Democrats and the fake news media want to constantly talk about, 'Oh, President Trump is a convicted felon,'" Georgia's blasphemous Congress "Christian" said at a rally over the weekend.

"Well, you wanna know something? The man that I worship is also a convicted felon — and he was murdered on a Roman cross." (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

But Marge was comparing apples to oranges — or to orange menaces, as it were. For nowhere in the Bible does it say that Jesus was crucified for falsifying his business records to cover up hush money he paid to an adult film star so that he could dupe millions of people into electing him as their leader.

Of course, if you follow Greene's MAGA logic, as one commenter pointed out, "Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, and Jeffrey Dahmer were all convicted felons, which makes them just like Jesus, y'all!!!!"