Alamogordo, New Mexico is home to a 30-foot-tall pistachio

The "World's Largest Pistachio®" is in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and is part of Tom McGinn's "PistachioLand®,"which also includes McGinn's Country Store and Arena Blanca Winery. At PistachioLand there's lots to do! First, you can take a tour of the orchards:

Our motorized farm tour takes you on a ride around the pistachio orchards and vineyards so you can see the pistachios growing on the trees and the grapes on the vines. Our tour guide will provide you with the McGinn family farming history and information about growing and harvesting pistachios and wine grapes.

You can also try some farm-made pistachio ice cream, sample the various flavors of pistachios they make, and sip on some local wine. And, of course, you can take photos with the giant 30-foot pistachio.

Atlas Obscura describes PistachioLand® and the World's Largest Pistachio®:

AFTER A LIFETIME BUILDING HIS New Mexico pistachio farm, also known as PistachioLand, Alamogordo nut salesman Tom McGinn was memorialized with a roadside advertisement that now draws tourists from all over the country.

The World's Largest Pistachio stands 30-feet tall and was constructed using over five yards of concrete and 35 gallons of paint to give the enormous green nut a strangely real look. Like many oversized items littering the world's highways, the pistachio is there mainly to lure motorists into the McGinn's Pistachio Tree Ranch and Winery Gift Shop.

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of exotic, pistachio-based products for sale like chili-chocolate pistachio brittle and homemade pistachio milkshakes– although nothing is as priceless as taking a "nutty" photo under the giant snack.   

I absolutely love pistachios, so I'm gonna put this on my must-see list!