Ms. Pearl is a 14-foot-tall squirrel who lives in Cedar Creek, Texas

If you've ever had a hankering to visit a 14-foot-tall squirrel named Ms. Pearl—who is clutching an enormous pecan in her massive paws—you're in luck! You can see the giant creature in Cedar Creek, Texas, which is a little town (of about 4000 people) that's in between Bastrop and Austin. Ms. Pearl lives at the Berdoll Pecan Candy and Gift Company, where you can, as they say on their website, "come for the squirrel and stay for the pie." Pies are literally available anytime you might need one—they installed a 24-hour pecan pie vending machine in 2008.

On the Berdoll website, Ms. Pearl provides this additional information:

From Homemade Fudge to Chocolate Covered Strawberries and the best, freshest Pecan Pies you've ever tasted, Berdoll Pecan Candy and Gift Company has something for everyone… and I should know! My name is Ms. Pearl, the beloved giant squirrel statue and mascot of the farm. People come from far and wide to have pictures taken with me… I'm famous!

On the Berdoll website you can also find fun facts about Ms. Pearl:

I've lived here since August 2011.

My name was given to me by a customer of Berdoll Pecan Candy and Gift Company. There was a contest to see who could come up with the best name, and "Ms. Pearl" won. It's sassy, fun and it suits me perfectly. Don't you agree?

At 14 feet tall, I'm the largest squirrel statue in the world.

I had a makeover in June of 2015. I received a coat of fresh paint and a brand new deck. It's easy to climb up and give me a hug.

See more facts here, and if you're craving some pecans, some pecan pie, or any of the other treats Berdoll creates, you can order the goods online here.

Roadside America gives Ms. Pearl 3 out of 5 Smiley Face Water Towers, which means the attraction is "Worth a detour: A solid attraction with extra payoff or unintentional comedy."