Prominent evangelist warns that Bud Light has triggered the End Times

It sounds like the basis for a bad fantasy novel: an aluminum chalice decorated with the colors of the visible light spectrum is being used by the evil king to trigger a chain of events that will lead to the end of the known universe as described in an ancient mystical text. But it's real!

At least, it is according to Stephen E. Strang, an influential evangelical leader and author of "God and Donald Trump," who says Target, Kohl's, and Bud Light are part of a Satanic plot that will usher in the End Times, as prophesied in the Bible.

In his essay, Strang calls for holy warriors to prepare for spiritual conflict by training like Navy SEALs. To bolster his argument that the end is nigh, he cites his good friend, Jim Bakker, a criminal fraudster and felon:

My good friend, Jim Bakker, has studied the book of Revelation extensively, and has provided great warnings about what is heading our way in his book, "You Can Make It." He says Christians should stand up against the things of the world rather than conforming to them. "The key to our survival is threefold: remain in Christ, keep His commandments and remain in His body, the church. Escape is not an option. Endurance is our goal."