Conspiracy theorist RFK Jr. wishes debate tactics could include beating children

Conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. went on Megyn Kelly's SiriusXM show to pine about the good old days, when debating tactics used to include beating your children to convince them your political beliefs were correct. Kelly laughed appreciatively at his remark.

I didn't know anything about RFK Junior, so I read his Wikipedia page and learned that he has a long career as an environmental lawyer. In some ways, he seems pretty progressive. Too bad he is so wacky about vaccines. I wonder if he is just afraid of needles, given the fact that he was a former heroin addict and was arrested for drug possession in the 1980s.

Besides being an advocate of "whacking" your kids when they say something you disagree with, here's more about his beliefs:

  • Kennedy embraces conspiracy theories and expresses skepticism about the COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting it benefits billionaires.
  • He believes the American government is dominated by corporate power and criticizes regulatory agencies like the EPA and FDA for their industry influence.
  • Kennedy argues that the middle class is being systematically eroded, while the wealthy and corporations should pay more taxes.
  • He opposes the military industry and foreign interventions, criticizing the Iraq War and American involvement in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • RFK Jr. describes himself as a leading environmentalist, supporting regenerative farming and the Green New Deal, while opposing nuclear energy and geoengineering solutions.