LSU fans win the College World Series Jell-O shot challenge with 68,888 shots

I don't follow sports at all, but I'm from Louisiana, and my Facebook feed has been absolutely jammed packed with friends and family posting about LSU being in, and then winning, the 2023 College World Series, which, I'm embarrassed to say, I had to look up to make sure I got the right sport—yes, it's baseball. Go Tigers! 

What's been way more interesting to me than the baseball, though, is the drinking contest that's been happening at Rocco's bar in Omaha, Nebraska, where the CWS was held.  

Fans from the various teams in the CWS paid $5 per jello shot, and the number of shots bought from each team was tallied. The final scores have been posted, and LSU fans have set a new record: 68,888 shots.

The previous record was set last year by Ole Miss fans, who purchased 18,777 jello shots—that measly record was broken on June 20, 2023, by LSU fans, before the Tigers were even in the finals. 

Sports Illustrated explains:

LSU may have won the 2023 College World Series title on Monday night, but Tigers fans also won an important contest this week in Omaha, Neb.: the CWS Jell-O Shot Challenge.

LSU fans dominated the competition against seven other schools at Omaha's Rocco's Pizza, the bar and restaurant where the contest is annually held. The Tigers purchased a record-shattering 68,888 Jell-O shots during the span of the College World Series. 

The next closest amount purchased by a specific team's fandom was 7,622 bought by Wake Forest supporters.

Each shot at Rocco's cost $5, with $1.50 of that going to charity—$1 to a local food bank in the school's town and 50 cents to Omaha's Food Bank for the Heartland.

Congrats, Tigers fans, you did it! Now, please Uber, walk, or bus back to your hotels!