32-bit computer built inside Terraria

2D open-world hit Terraria shares Minecraft's wild creative versatility, such as the ability to build unbelievably complicated things inside them. Behold Computerraria, a 32-bit CPU running inside the game. "Terraria inside Terraria is close!" writes the creator, who runs the "From Scratch" channel on YouTube.

I document my journey implementing Computerraria: a 32 bit CPU running inside the game Terraria. I've been working on this for over 6 months now and thought it's cool enough that other's might be interested in learning about it. Absolutely everything I talk about here is completely open source and freely available in these public repositories: Computerraria (World file and support software): https://github.com/misprit7/computerr… WireHead (Accelerator mod): https://github.com/misprit7/WireHead If you're interested in learning more about the more technical engineering side of things, definitely let me know in the comments. I would be happy to go into it but I'm not really sure there's an audience for it.

Minecraft machinery is already insane to behold; seeing this done in flatland takes this art, paradoxically, to a new dimension.