Liberty University official invokes murderous dictators

Liberty University's communications director Ryan Helfenbein says murderous dictators knew what they were doing when they shaped their education policies. See the video, which Helfenbein posted to his Twitter account, below.

In an interview at a Faith and Freedom Coalition event, Helfenbein said, "This is an evangelistic movement on the left. And that's what's happening. It's indoctrination. They are proselytizing to the next generation. What we're discovering as parents and conservatives is, 'Wait a second! Education really is evangelism.' So if you don't control education, you cannot control the future. And Stalin knew that. Mao knew that, right? Hitler knew that. We have to get that back for conservative values."

According to the website Inside Higher Ed, health, Helfenbein is the executive director of the Standing for Freedom Center (formerly known as the Falkirk Center), which was founded by Liberty University's disgraced ex-president, Jerry Falwell Jr., and conspiracy theorist Charlie Kirk.