Dictator Trump says he will give cops immunity to look at names and "take out" the "bad ones" (video)

Dictator Trump told Newsmax about his big plans to order mass deportations on Day One. Not only that, he will give police full immunity so that they can simply look at a person's name and decide whether or not to "take them out."

"Day One, we have no choice," Trump said on The Chris Salcedo Show over the phone today. "And we'll start with the bad ones."

"And you know who knows who they are?" he asked. "Local police. Local police have to be given back their authority and they have to be given back their respect and immunity. We're going to give them the immunity. And they know by the first name, the middle name and the last name, and they will take them out, and they will— we will get them out." (Listen to audio below, posted by Aaron Rupar."

Besides checking a person's last name, how Trump will determine which folks are the "bad ones" isn't clear. But in the end it won't matter. The good ones will be next.