Marjorie Taylor Greene threatens Capitol with high capacity gun in ad, which is blasted by former Capitol Sgt

Marjorie Taylor Greene holds a smoking high capacity magazine as she drives up to the Capitol in her latest stunt, supposedly to promote a new podcast. And former Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, who was injured while risking his life to fight off attackers on Jan. 6, calls out the traitorous lawmaker for what she is: outrageous and dangerous.

"Finding this outrageous and dangerous is an understatement. On Jan. 6 many officers nearly died," tweeted Gonell, who resigned nearly a year after the insurrection not because he wanted to, he said at the time, but "because they did that to me, the mob."

"She is no longer flirting with violence. She is encouraging it … again." See Aquilino's tweet below, along with the Madge's silent whistle posted by PatriotTakes.