Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs

Andy Donaldson's website, Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs, features terrible photographs taken by real estate agents, and has gone from strength to strength since we first took a look a decade ago.

My favorites are the uncanny ones, such as this green carpet that looks like an overused PlayStation game texture that will contaminate you if you stand on it. At some point a book came out, but it was a while back and won't convey the growing menace of later postings. Enjoy a recent interview with Donaldson. [via Hacker News]

"KP: Is it important for you that the photos actually originate from real estate marketplaces? If so, how do you verify their origin?

AD: Yes, that's actually really important, otherwise the blog is just unverifiable user-generated content. If an image is submitted without a link, or no agent's logo on the image, or I can't find the source online, I tend not to use it. I'm sent lots of images taken by agents of something funny or shocking they've seen in a property that day, but if the image hasn't been taken for the purposes of marketing the house, I don't use it."

I've got a term for that: Liminal intent.