Antique bear automaton's fur was eaten by moths

I'm a big fan of this antique bear automaton whose fur was eaten by moths. Although I want this bear to have its coat back, I love seeing its inner workings and the way its skeleton moves. The music box in its back playing a haunting melody is the perfect addition.

According to the post, The House Of Automata is giving this cutie a hair transplant. I want to see what he looks like, now.

This bear automaton isn't letting his mangy, moth-eaten fur stop him from pouring a drink into his little cup and gulping it down, so you shouldn't let anything get in your way today, either.

From Instagram:

"An antique bear automaton whose fur was destroyed by an infestation of moths. ⁣⁣⁣


As it waits for a hair transplant from the wonderful @thehouseofautomata , the creepy naked bear pours itself a big drink with shaky paws, tossing the whole thing back in a single gulp. The magical drink never runs out thanks to a hidden tube mechanism that runs through its arms.⁣"