The Fall of the Damned: a painting that will make your bad day feel less bad

Having a shitty day? Anonymous Works on instagram reminds us that when we're feeling down, we can simply take a look at Dirk Bout's painting, The Fall of the Damned, and be glad that we're not in that situation.

This oil painting, created in 1470, was originally part of a triptych of the Last Judgement. The painting depicts people being consumed and tortured by a variety of hellish looking creatures. 

After looking at this painting, I don't feel quite as bad about finding my cat's hairballs in my clean laundry today. I suppose I'd take finding a few hairballs in my clothes over being eaten alive by a bloodthirsty demon. 
From Instagram:"Whenever I'm having a bad day, I always remind myself that at least it's not a Dirk Bouts "The Fall of the Damned" bad day…"

(image from wikipedia)