Horrific Anime Expo crowd looks like disaster waiting to happen: "If there is a fire … we are all dying" (video)

This year's Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center looks like a catastrophe waiting to happen, with "a line to find a line" to get inside, and a room so packed with people, the indoor convention crowd is at a standstill. A couple of videos below show scenes that look like the set up for a summer blockbuster (of the disaster genre). Or, to put it more bluntly, as TikToker xokyoshi says, "If there is a fire or earthquake, we are all fucking dying." (See first video below.)

"There's this mass of people," xokyoshi says from the second floor of the venue as she points down to what looks like a tightly packed colony of ants. "And everyone is at a standstill as everyone tries to get onto these escalators … and there is no way for them to do it, because everybody is trying to get through."

"The only reason we got through is because somebody was having a panic attack right in front of us and we were trying to get her through," she continues. "And on top of all that," she informs us a moment later, "I just wanted to let everyone know, the escalator just broke."

The second video below isn't any better, with "half-mile" outdoor lines in the blistering heat, some leading to nowhere. "A line to find the line," TikToker alex_hodges says, later looking unhappy as he realizes he'd waited in the wrong nowhere line. "I've walked about half a mile, and the line just keeps going. It wraps around two blocks, and then enters in to a parking garage."

Once finally inside, Hodges shows the same horrific crowds that we see in the first video, as he utters just three words: "This is insane."


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