Republican news camera calls Donald Trump's bluff when he brags about crowd size (video)

A Republican media outlet called Donald Trump's bluff at a Wisconsin rally yesterday when he bragged about the size of his, er, crowd.

"Cameras, why don't you just turn around, show the extent of this crowd, from corner to corner. Show it. Show it," the MAGA leader said, challenging the various camera crews that were covering the small room. "But they won't do it. They won't do it!"

But Trump was wrong on two fronts. First, they did do it, or at least a right-wing RSBN camera did, turning around to show the "extent" of his crowd. And second, the extent, judging by the footage, was nothing to boast about, unless you consider, oh, about 8 rows of about 20-30 people each — smaller than most high school auditoriums — to be a blockbuster event. (See both videos below, posted by Acyn.)

At least it wasn't as bad for Trump in Wisconsin as it was at his own Mar-a-Lago event when the half-empty crowd paid no attention at all.