Taco Bell X Crocs slides are still available

You'll be thrilled to know that you can still get your hands on the Taco Bell x Crocs collaboration—the "Mellow Slide." Yes, these glorious Crocs—in a color called "Ultraviolet," with the words "Live" and "Más" emblazoned on the footbeds—are still available in many (but not all) sizes. You should definitely rush over to the Crocs site to get yourself some, if hideous Taco-Bell themed purples slides are your thing. Here's how Taco Bell describes them:

With a simple, yet modern design, Crocs Mellow Slides boast a mood-boosting silhouette and blissful design to allow your feet to melt into the footbeds. Inspired by Taco Bell's signature colors, black and purple, the Taco Bell x Crocs Mellow Slides feature an ombre-like fade with "Live" and "Más" imprinted separately in white within each footbed. The slides are perfect for a beach trip, park hang – or a quick trip to Taco Bell when a craving strikes.

"This collaboration delivers on what both of our brands do best—listening to our fans and bringing their ideas to life in fun and unexpected ways," said Heidi Cooley, Chief Marketing Officer, Crocs. "We know it doesn't get much better than kicking back in comfort with a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, so pairing our Mellow Slide with Taco Bell is the perfect combo!"

You can check them out here at the Crocs website, which provides more information about the $60 slides:

The Taco Bell X Crocs Mellow Slide is perfect for summer strolls, hanging out at home, and everywhere in between. This laidback collaboration is between two brands that keep things chill even in the heat. Sunny afternoons are calling. And when the THE BELL® rings you gotta answer.

Taco Bell X Crocs Mellow Slide Details:

Roomy fit. We recommend sizing down. 

Iconic Taco Bell logo on top. Live Más reminder in the footbed. 

Deep, cupped footbeds, offering sink-in comfort with a slow rebound. 

Contemporary upper & modern styling for a sleek and simple aesthetic. 

Upper windows for increased breathability. 

LiteRide™: Revolutionary. Sink-in softness. Innovative comfort.

I'm not really a fan. However, I *might* have bought the KFC X Crocs collab if I had known about them when they were released in the Summer of 2020. Nah, just kidding–I'm sure I wouldn't have, but I do find them infinitely more entertaining than the Taco Bell ones. The Crocs website describes the KFC-themed beauties:

Covered in a fried chicken print and a striped base, these will make your dreams of wearing a bucket of chicken finally come true.

The KFC Crocs even came with two Jibbitz charms that looked like—and, get this, SMELLED LIKE—fried chicken! Sadly (thankfully?) those are also sold out, but I did find these knock-off brand fried chicken Crocs charms—I don't think they smell like fried chicken, though.