Suspect in Philadephia mass shooting "fired randomly" in street, killing 5

5 are dead after Kimbrady Carriker, 40, walked the streets of southwest Philadephia randomly shooting people, then surrendered to police after a brief pursuit. Two others were injured. Despite firing upon responding officers, according to reports, "the assailant was taken into custody in an alley without further incident."

District Attorney Larry Krasner said the suspect likely will appear in court Wednesday and will face multiple charges, including murder. The Philadelphia District Attorney's office is using they/them pronouns to refer to the suspect based on "information we have at this time," a spokesperson for the DA's office told CNN. Philadelphia officials previously used he/him pronouns to gender the suspect during a Tuesday press conference.

The DA said he expects the judge will deny bail for the suspect.

The pronouns detail is generating the usual social media fuss, and Carriker's wild social media posts allow them to be portrayed both as a left-wing BLM supporter and a right-wing gun nut. But the gold medal for wildly inappropriate coverage has to go to the New York Times, whose lede on this story is, I quote verbatim, "In a neighborhood where violence is not uncommon, witnesses described an intense barrage." Even the street was no angel.