Watch as Oscar Mayer's re-branded "Wienermobile" trainees learn to drive

No one wished that they were an Oscar Mayer "frankfurter." What many truly wanted to be was a wiener. It is an oft-sung fact that if one can achieve such a state, they will be universally loved, tho some were said to fear this fate. Changing up the branding of the "Wienermobile" is messing with a theme that's been working since 1936, but this is Oscar Mayer's sausage party!

The enthusiastic college-aged drivers are fun to watch, as they begin a summer of trying not to smash their fiberglass wiener.

I am guessing that one of the first skills a budding wiener pilot learns is to nope out of any situation that looks like you might bump something. Luckily, while they claim 6 wieners are constantly on the road, spreading joy, two are on ready alert for fast deployment.

Featured Image: YouTube/CBS