Angry MAGA woman scolds Mike Pence to his face for "changing history" on Jan. 6 (video)

A Trump devotee who can't forgive Mike Pence for upholding the Constitution on Jan. 6 scolded the former VP in Iowa today, telling him it's all his fault Joe Biden became president.

"If it wasn't for your vote, we would not have Joe Biden in the White House," she said, pointing her finger at the trailing MAGA candidate. "Joe Biden shouldn't be there. … Do you ever second guess yourself?… We all know…who won that election. You changed history for this country."

And Pence, being Pence, gave a most long-winded, monotone response in defending his actions. But he finally got to the point at about 3:07 (see video below, posted by C-SPAN): "The Constitution affords no authority of the Vice President or anyone else to reject votes or return votes to the states. Never been done before, should never be done in the future," he told her and the other lily white elderly folk sitting in the audience.

"Sorry ma'am, but that's actually what the Constitution says. No vice president in American history ever asserted the authority that you have been convinced that I had," he continued. "President Trump was wrong about my authority that day, and he's still wrong." To which one person clapped.

And, predictably, Pence's answer did not appease the Trump loyalist, who later told CNN (via Mediate) that although the former bootlicker is obviously a "great man" (being a Christian and all), "I really do feel like he altered history." And that is, as she put it, his one "hiccup," Constitution be damned.

Front page thumbnail image: Mike Pence / C-SPAN