Meet Arizona State Representative Rachel Jones, who loves guns and "freedom"

Last week, Rachel Jones (AZ State House, District 17, outside of Tucson), tweeted this photograph of herself, standing next to Justine Wadsack (AZ State Senate, District 17), in front of the Arizona State Capitol Building in Phoenix, with no text or description other than "#2A." In the photo they are both wearing skinny jeans, high heels, and blazers, and they are both holding guns—it's definitely "giving" massive Lauren Boebert, as the kids say.

Far-right group Arizona Campaign for Liberty re-tweeted the photo alongside an image from the Pima County Democratic Party and with the accompanying text: "LD 17 – Choose Your Fighters. We trust you'll make the right choice." The image from the Pima County Democratic Party was from a drag show fundraiser, with the text: "The LD17 Fundraiser, Drag Show, Comedy Show, and evening of love and solidarity—was a magnificent success! We are 'woke' and we are proud. Our resistance is our joy and power. #pride20023 #Pride 2023."

Who is Rachel Jones? On her website, she says she'll "restore Arizona Values" (that she claims are "under attack") by: 

Banning Critical Race Theory

Ending any and all lockdowns

Securing our elections

Securing our border

Fighting for the Unborn

Defending our God-given rights

Both Jones and Wadsack are part of what they call the "Arizona Freedom Team in Legislative District 17." In addition to Jones and Wadsack, the third member of the "Freedom Team" is Cory McGarr, State House District 17. Here are some signature quotes from the three, featured on the Freedom Team website:

"Vaccine mandates… stolen elections… critical race theory… our rights being trampled do not always start in the home. But our way back does. Our Conservative Values have been relentlessly attacked by the Socialist Democrats in Phoenix, but the fight to RESTORE ARIZONA VALUES starts with STRENGTHENING ARIZONA FAMILIES. Banning Critical Race Theory, Defending the lives of the Unborn, and championing Medical Freedom. This is our way back… this is our way to a Stronger Arizona." — Rachel Jones, State House District 17

"The weak do-nothing politicians in Phoenix do not want me in the State Senate. The Radical Left and Fake Republicans do not want me in office because they know what I will do… they know I will PROTECT the PEOPLE and DEFEND their FREEDOM. The People of Arizona are tired of being ignored… so I am going to the State Senate to STOP IT." – Justine Wadsack, State Senate District 17

"We need someone in the State House who has and will continue to support President Donald J. Trump's AMERICA FIRST Agenda. We need an Authentic Conservative that WILL NOT BACK DOWN. The formula for a better Arizona is simple, but we need Conservative fighters willing to act. I am that Conservative Fighter and I ask you to elect me to the Arizona State House." — Cory McGarr, State House District 17

I would 100% choose drag queens over these "Freedom"-loving ammosexuals, any day of the week. Come on, Arizona, we can do better than this!