Donald Trump gushed — and gushed — over the Clintons before he became a MAGA grifter (video)

Before people-hater Donald Trump conned Republicans into believing he was the Second Coming, he praised the hell out of Hillary and Bill Clinton. In fact, he ladled more flattery over the Clintons prior to his stint as MAGA god than he ever has even for his own spawn.

From "great senator" and "great wife" to "wonderful woman" and "very nice person," Hillary was painted as a woman who could do no wrong in 2008 by then "Democrat" Trump. And as for Bill, well, anyone who cut that "great president" down was simply "jealous."

"A lot of people hated him, because they were jealous as hell," he said, describing his future self. "People get jealous, and they hate you. People don't like him because they're jealous of him. But Bill Clinton was a great president."

See the endless Clinton compliments Trump doled out in the video below (posted by author Don Winslow) when Democrats rather than MAGA folk were the target of his grift.

Front page thumbnail image: NY1