Trump's sleepy in-court off-gassing may be additional signs of dementia

"The trial is really a form of psychological torture for a malignant narcissist who needs to appear powerful. Instead, he appears small, confused, and helpless," says Dr. John Gartner, psychologist and former assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University Medical School.

Donald Trump's never-ending string of gaffes, his inability to get names or events right, and the occasional garbled speech are not the only signs dementia is taking over. Psychologist Dr John Gartner observes that falling asleap in court, when normal folks would be pumped to the gills on adrenaline, is a big sign. The loss of control of other bodily functions is also indicative that Trump is suffering from more than a bloated ego.

Elaborating, he claimed, "Trump fell asleep 4 out of 6 days of his own trial. Falling asleep is not in and of itself particularly specific to dementia. I fall asleep at dinner parties, because I'm old and work too hard. Bill Clinton was famous for it. But can you remember a criminal defendant repeatedly unable to stay awake at his own trial? I can't. It's obviously very rare. Most people are pumped full of adrenaline when they're in the dock."

According to the psychologist, it is fairly common for dementia patients to "pass out" and explained, "… this may be the first criminal trial I've been aware of where the defendant appears, in my opinion, to have dementia. Is it a coincidence that it's also the only one I've ever known where the defendant can't remain awake most days? Trump appears to be losing control of his basic biological functions. One is sleep-wake."


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