Donald Trump squirms out of a question he can't answer with MAGA-proof stock answer (video)

Donald Trump isn't known for his grasp of details, or even a basic understanding, on anything beyond how to manipulate his MAGA mob with hate-fueled soundbites — but he sure is good at bullshitting. As in the incredible answer he gave to a woman in Iowa today who asked him how he would "save our farmlands from the CO2 pipelines."

Rather than tell her he'd get back to her once he learned what a CO2 pipeline was, he gave her an all-purpose, one-size-fits-all answer on his "plan."

"Well you know we're working on that, and you know we had a plan to totally, uhhh, it's such a ridiculous situation, isn't it? But we had a plan, and we would have instituted that plan, and it was all ready," he mindlessly babbled, without a shred of substance. "That will be one of the easy things we do!" (See video below, posted by Republican Accountability.)

For someone as ignorant as the twice-indicted former reality game show host, he sure knows how to fool these folks.

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