Trump-loving lawmaker faces legal trouble for sharing X-rated Hunter Biden images

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers put herself into legal jeopardy after possibly violating state law by posting explicit images of President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, on Twitter without his consent, reports Raw Story. Her post was viewed by over 300,000 of her followers.

Twitter allows users as young as 13, raising alarm over minors' exposure to inappropriate content. After being alerted to the explicit content, Rogers removed the images, yet this act may not protect her from legal ramifications.

Arizona law classifies the non-consensual sharing of explicit images—commonly dubbed "revenge porn"—as a criminal act. Even the subsequent removal of such content does not negate the initial illegal action. As Arizona attorney Tom Ryan has explained, "It's not a defense if she later took them down, which appears she has done. Any more than it would be a defense if you robbed a Circle K and later gave the money back, you don't get to wipe out the robbery."."

Violating this law is considered a Class 4 felony in Arizona, carrying a potential 1 to 4-year prison sentence for first-time offenders.

From Raw Story:

Rogers, a far-right pro-Trump lawmaker who has been accused of having ties to white nationalists and violent militia groups, is a prominent election conspiracy theorist who has defended conspiracy theorist webcaster Alex Jones, thrown a tantrum about Confederate statues and the Aunt Jemima brand being retired, and promoted content glorifying Confederate generals on Martin Luther King Day.