A pious Marjorie Taylor Greene is now leading "Sunday Bible Study" on her podcast (audio)

Renaissance woman Marjorie Taylor Greene is more than just a Qult leader, space laser expert, and key speaker at white supremacist events. The Congressquack has also taken up moonlighting as a "Sunday Bible Study" minister, in which she defies the Constitution by unifying church and Christian nationalist state on her podcast. (Listen to clip below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

"Then Jesus tells us how you should pray. He says, 'This then is how you should pray,'" Georgia's fluent lawmaker said in part of her episode, before reciting a version of The Lord's Prayer. With a straight face, Greene had teased this episode as a discussion of "prayer and 'forgiveness.'"

Not to be confused with the The Handmaid's Tale, Marge's dystopian world is nonfiction at its worst.

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