BBC reports mercenary boss Prighozin met with Putin after "mutiny"

Yevghenzy Prighozin openly threatened to depose Russian premier Vladimir Putin and was in turn declared an outlaw before Belarusian premiere Alexander Lukashenko brokered a surprise truce in which Prighozin's mercenaries turned away from Moscow and the man himself agreed to exile in Belarus. Reality check: he's been in Moscow, meeting with Putin, since the mutiny.

the Wagner chief was among the commanders who were invited to the Kremlin five days after the mutiny collapsed.

"The president gave an assessment of the company's actions on the front," Mr Peskov is quoted as saying by Interfax news agency.

"He also gave assessment to the 24 June events. Putin listened to the commanders' explanations and suggested variants of their future employment and their future use in combat."

According to the spokesman, Prigozhin told Mr Putin that Wagner unconditionally supported him.

To recall Niccolo Machiavelli's famous warning about mercenaries and their bullshit (roughly translated from early modern Italian): "it's all kayfabe until it ain't."