GOP grifters drain Arizona Republican Party to near-bankruptcy

The Arizona Republican Party is clinging to one-vote majorities in the state House and Senate and has only $50,000 remaining in its bank account. "That's not much money to fund crucial expenses such as rent, payroll, and campaign operations," reports The Arizona Republic (paywall).

Just four years ago, it had $770,000, but the whackos in charge blew its war chest on fake audits, hopeless lawsuits, and other dubious expenditures.

According to The Arizona Republic, the party's inane and obnoxious antics have prompted large numbers of registered GOP voters to change their affiliation to "independent."

As of April, 34.6% of voters are registered as Republicans. This compares well to the 30.3% who are Arizona Democrats. But between the two parties is the growing contingent of the unaffiliated.  

Independent voters now account for 34.3% of registered voters in the state. By head count, a net gain of just 10,077 new independents would make them the largest "party" in Arizona.

The reasons for this are pretty obvious. In our angry politics of hot takes and sick burns, a growing number don't want to be associated with the more, ahem, passionate segments of either party.