The LEGO Star Wars "Ghost and Phantom II" playset from the new Ahsoka series looks amazing

One of Star Wars' most beloved spaceships, Hera Syndulla's Ghost, along with its integrated Phantom scout craft, was the setting for much of the Rebel's animated series. As the highly anticipated new series Ahsoka is about to launch; LEGO Star Wars is getting in on the game with a fantastic tribute to the ship sure to appear frequently in the new show.

The minifigs are always of great interest to me, and this set comes with Hera and Jacen Sydulla, Chopper, and some new names I am unfamiliar with. Chopper is the best Star Wars droid and has an insane kill count.

LEGO Star Wars: Ahsoka Ghost & Phantom II 75357 Star Wars Playset Inspired by The Ahsoka Series via Amazon

Images via Amazon