Jesse Watters proves he is as grotesque as Tucker Carlson with his "Black outreach plan" (video)

Jesse Watters filled Tucker Carlson's jackboots today as he patronized, mocked, and stereotyped Black Americans while laying out his "Black outreach plan" on Fox News. And fair warning, every sentence he utters reeks of smug, racist privilege. (See video below, posted by Justin Baragona.)

Deciding that the shrinking Republican party needs more Black voters, he asked his enabling sidekicks, "Would you like to hear the Jesse Watters Black Outreach Plan?" Watters, known for his racist Fox segments, then proceeds to school the Black community on how to live their lives.

"I would encourage Black Americans to leave the cities. These cities, the air is not clean. The quarters are cramped. There's crime. Get some fresh air!" he flippantly suggested.

And then, as if he were a 5th grade teacher tossing one of those "the-world-is-your-oyster" pep talks to a roomful of wide-eyed, impressionable kids: "You can go to Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado. You could get cheap land. You get a beautiful house, and what comes with that? I'll tell you what comes with that. Better health. You're walking, you're outside. It's cleaner. You know, there's no violence around there, and better schools are out there. You're not in these inner-city public schools…"

He continues in this grotesque, condescending manner for nearly two minutes, finally urging Black people to "lean into Christ because Black Americans are very religious," and "focus on marriage and home ownership." A perfectly toxic replacement for Carlson, indeed.