Man who took woman hostage at Caesars Palace threw hotel furniture out of 21st floor window for hours (video)

Yesterday's hours-long standoff in Las Vegas with a man who took a woman hostage in a barricaded room at Caesars Palace ended as well as could be expected — he was arrested and the woman was left unharmed. But the bizarre part of the dramatic event was the suspect's intent on throwing every piece of furniture out of the hotel room window.

Breaking a room window on the 21st floor of the Palace's high-rise tower, the gentleman was seen by spectators below hurling out nearly everything in the room — chairs, cabinets, cushions, and other items — which went on for about an hour while hotel guests watched from the pool area and then from a more sheltered area after they were escorted to a safer spot. (See video below, taken by several different witnesses, posted by RawAlerts.)

Better he took his rage out on the furniture rather than his hostage.

From AP News:

Las Vegas police Capt. Stephen Connell said the standoff began about 9:15 a.m. with a report from hotel security that a man and woman were arguing and that the man pulled the woman into a room "by force."

Police SWAT officers secured the hallway outside the room, although Connell said it was not immediately clear if the man was armed.

Outside, guests heard glass break and saw curtains billow from a broken window about two-thirds up the 29-story Palace Tower, one of six towers at Caesars Palace, an iconic and historic centerpiece of the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel has nearly 4,000 rooms.

Emma Snyder said she was near a resort swimming pool on her first day of vacation from Appleton, Wisconsin, when she heard several loud bangs and saw falling glass. She said it looked like sparkles.

"It looks like he's pretty much emptied the room of furniture," Marshall said of the man police said was barricaded upstairs. Marshall saw seat cushions, a chair and other items hit a ledge outside the window of his room, and said some fell to the pool area after it had been evacuated.

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