Musk sues data scrapers in a futile bid to save Twitter

Elon Musk's X Corporation filed lawsuits against four John Does who allegedly "engaged in widespread unlawful scraping of data from Twitter" by "flooding Twitter's sign-up page with automated requests," reports Ars Technica.

The lawsuits allege that the "volume of these requests far exceeded what any single individual could send to a server in a given period and clearly indicated that these automated requests were aimed at scraping data from Twitter. These requests have severely taxed X Corp.'s servers and impaired the user experience for millions of X Corp.'s customers."

Musk's social media platform has been suffering a dramatic decrease in advertising revenue since he was forced to acquire the company less than a year ago at a grossly inflated price of $45 billion. Astonishingly, Twitter's recent valuation stands at just $15 billion. This downturn came even before Meta launched its Twitter clone, Threads, which boasts over 100 million users in less than a week and has welcomed major media brands seeking refuge from the pervasive onslaught of fascists and cryptocurrency scam artists that infest Musk's service.

Last week, Musk's longstanding legal counsel issued a warning to Meta, alleging theft of trade secrets and poaching of Twitter's talent. However, a spokesperson for Meta stated that the Thread engineering team consists of no former Twitter employees.