No suspect identified in White House cocaine investigation

Investigators looking into the source of cocaine found at the White House drew a blank Thursday morning, despite combing through visitor logs and surveillance footage which tracked hundreds of individual visitors to the executive mansion. The Secret Service has concluded its investigation without naming a suspect, CNN reports–or even figuring out when the baggie was left inside a West Wing cubbyhole.

The cubbies where the small bag of cocaine was found is a blind spot for surveillance cameras, according to a source familiar with the investigation. While there's surveillance around where the bag was found, cameras are not trained directly on the West Wing cubbies near the lower-level entrance where it was discovered, the source said, making it difficult to identify who left the bag behind.

The story pretty much died when it was publicized that the drugs were found by the entrance where tours began, which suggests a random tourist put it there. It also has the air of a troll about it, doesn't it? It just had to be cocaine. All the same, it's wild that you can just walk into the White House and stash a baggie there, but can't wear your shoes through airport security.