Scottsdale, Arizona, bans grass lawns on new homes

Amid drought and soaring temperatures, Scottsdale in Arizona has forbidden the planting of new grass lawns. The rule applies to single-family homes built after August 15 and comes after an informal poll found 86% of locals in favor.

"It's a positive step that supports responsible use of our water resources and an initiative that works in tandem with Scottsdale Water's existing residential and commercial rebate programs that offer water saving options and maintain the beauty and functionality of Scottsdale's neighborhoods," the city council posted.

CNN reports dire climate problems in the scorching southwest.

Prior to the natural grass ordinance, Scottsdale officials asked residents to use 5% less water, and city government operations reduced their water usage by 9%. Ultimately, the city saved about 657 million gallons of water, the city council said. Across the state, Arizonans are sweltering from weeks of scorching temperatures. Temperatures in Phoenix, for example, have reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit every day this month. And meteorologists expect the weekend heat will be record-breaking, reaching a staggering 119 degrees in some parts.

An elaborate, half-baked way to avoid more stringent water use controls–and one that puts the focus on residential consumption when it's inevitably industry and ag that's really blowing through it. Grandfathering in old homes sounds like an interesting mess, too!