Ron DeSantis gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment — and its spot-on accuracy is what makes it so amusing (video)

Seamlessly matching made-up dialog to a person's lips, Bad Lip Reading always does a great job spoofing a politician or celebrity. But with their latest "DeSantis for President" caricature, the dubbing is so on the mark with both lip syncing and in capturing his 2024 pre-school campaign personality (no offense to toddlers), it's easy to forget you're watching a parody. (See video below.)

For instance, did he not really say, "At night, fingers can taste kinda dark"? Or "Wicka wicka puddin' pie — Sorry, I had to go fecal"? Or "Mmm, hungwy!"

Did he not really say, "I'm boring," to which his wife Casey agreed?

And did he not really utter sounds normally only heard by crustaceous aliens from outer space? Comparing this so-called DeSantis parody with all of the Florida guv's real-life nonsense, one really can't be sure.

Front page thumbnail image: Boing Boing / Midjourney