A week in, Threads has lost half of its active users

Threads is off to a strong start, with about 25m active users a week in. It's a lot, but it's nowhere near Twitter numbers, even after a year of decline there. Threads becoming the new Social Media Platform of Record, breathlessly anticipated by some folks, is a way off.

While many think that Threads could be the first "Twitter killer" to actually have a shot of achieving such a feat, the app has a way to go to ever dream of getting there. After its launch week, Threads sits at about a fifth the size of Twitter and about the same when it comes to daily active users.

The app is already starting to see some of the same problems that plague Twitter like spam accounts, so just like Musk, Mosseri announced today that the company will be getting more strict on rate limits. Hopefully, they'll be able to roll those restrictions out better than Twitter did, which ironically led to Thread's early release.

The way journalists and brands flocked to Threads in the hopes that it would bring back the good old days? That wasn't healthy.