Ninth Circuit says FCK no to bigot's vanity license plate

A guy requesting an offensive license plate screwed up his backward justification, and he had no ground to stand on. The court ruled in favor of the government's right to regulate offensive speech, and the "FCK" in this guy's plate was not ok. The court did not rule on BLM, or MBL, or whatever the hell the MAGA moron was going on about.

Tech Dirt:

First off, Odquina started this business seven months after he applied for the plate. He did more than a month after he told a county employee the requested plate was just an acronym for his business — a business he hadn't even started yet. So, there's more than one form of reverse engineering going on here.

But Odquina can't even acronym right. He was apparently so enthralled with his own cleverness, he forgot he was supposed to be building an acronym. I'm sure he felt KravMAGA was [chef's kiss], but that portmanteau FCKs up his belated attempt to salvage the "legitimacy" of his personalized plate. That's not "FCKBLM." That's "FCKMBL," my man. And that is somehow even stupider than trumpeting your antipathy towards Black Lives Matter by utilizing a letter combination pretty much universally rejected by DMVs everywhere (including this one).

If you're into that sort of thing, his filing also contains his "business" website. The pages take forever to load, but at least the welcome page contains something that can be abbreviated to "FCKBLM" correctly.