Dr. Erica McAlister gets up close and personal with giant beetles and hairy dungflies

If you need more bugs in your life, you need to start following Dr. Erica McAlister's Instagram. If you're bug-phobic, though, be forewarned, it might not be your cup of tea!

Dr. McAlister is Senior Curator of Diptera (including Siphonaptera)—Order Diptera includes over 110,000 species of flies, and Order Siphonaptera includes approximately 1800 species of fleas—at The Natural History Museum, London.

If you go look at her social media, you'll get to see, for example, this absolute unit called a "Bess beetle," that looks so big it doesn't even look real. Dr. McAlister explains:

We would often come across these rather large examples of Passalidae or Bess beetles (due to their squeaking) on the forest floor as we stomped through the Honduran Cloud Forest of Cusuco National Park. Amazing to see such large insects just walking around.

On her Instagram you can also see this snakefly, this soldierfly, and this gorgeous hirsute dungfly.