Creep installed hidden cameras on the bumpers of his delivery truck to see up girls' skirts

Police in Kyoto, Japan arrested a 44-year-old man after he was discovered to have installed multiple hidden cameras on the bumpers and wheel wells of his delivery truck to capture video up young girls' skirts as they walked by.

From Oddity Central:

After being reported by his unnamed female acquaintance, ploce started checking up on him and found that he had been driving slowly up and down narrow streets near several schools in Kyoto and Uji cities, which was highly unusual. After inspecting his delivery truck, they found four upward-facing cameras installed on either side of the vehicle, near the front, probably so he could better control the angle of approach. The cameras were all connected to a central recording unit in the Daihatsu Hijet's dashboard.

At his home, police found more than two dozen hard drives filled with up-skirt videos recorded over a decade.